Tuesday, 6 October 2009

the dust settled...

We've all been a bit busy since we got back from berlin and so we have suffered a bit of an anticlimax on the blog here.
Here are the remaining photos from the last day of berlin though, our final stampede before we all collapsed with exhaustion in the park next to the real Berlin zoo.

as tall as the t.v. tower

Timm's crinkly fish

Unicorn looking good on the old cinema
Some real animals that we saw over the zoo walls.
They have these here too but not sure what they are

Finally, in the park where we collapsed and chilled-out for our final afternoon
And thats it, we tried our best to get up as much artwork as possible and hope you have enjoyed seeing it.
At the moment we are working on getting a book together about the adventure. this will include all the artwork that was sent, more photos of the adventure and generally more drawing and artwork. more updates about that soon.

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