Saturday, 5 September 2009

the calm before the storm

It was a busy first couple of days in Berlin for us, we were mostly wandering about dragging a suitcase full of artwork looking for good spots and getting our bearings.
These are a few of the photos from our first couple of days

us busy cutting out people's work

bit of doodling and map searching

We found a cool alleyway right in the center of the Mitte (middle) where every inch of the walls were covered in art, a couple of our artworks looked great here.

Introducing the smoking ferret made by Mr Doodle a.k.a. Mike Wolff -

a beer in the alley (and lou's hot chocolate)

The next day wandering around the artsy district near Mauer Park. Here's one of Mark's stickers in a doorway and Señor Gonzalez chilling by a shoe shop.

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  1. Hola!
    Estoy colgando en la web una blognovela: El fin del mundo. Si te apetece, me gustaría que le echases un vistazo y me dijeses qué te parece. Gracias.