Thursday, 27 August 2009

Berlin Stampede- The project Introduction

Around the end of May, during our final year of completing illustration based degrees at North Wales School of Art and Design/ Glyndwr University, Louise Barr, Megan Hindley (a.k.a Stedhead) and I, Catriona Harvey put in a joint application for the Welsh Livery Guild’s Travel Scholarship.

After we had each attended an interview, a few weeks later, we received a letter announcing that we had jointly won a £1,000 Scholarship to complete the project that we had proposed.

The project proposal was an adventurous round Europe inter-rail, stopping at 5 major cities and finishing in our favourite, Berin. In each of the cities, we planned to make art and photograph it in context, with the theme of animals interacting with the city. This, we had known would be difficult for the three of us to do with just £1000 but we assumed any extra money needed could be subsidised by ourselves

Since we all finished our degree the idea of subsiding the extra money needed to complete our European trip began to look less likely when our lovely student loan money dwindled away, and two of us began the process of signing on.

A rethink was due and with the cheque cashed, we decided to limit the project to one city to cut travelling costs and to make sure that we did the best project that we could within the £1,000 Livery Guild Scholarship budget.

So the chosen city was Berlin, an amazing city for art and design, with so much city space covered in artwork, this is a place that inspired us immensely when the three of us visited last November. The concept of the project remained the same and the idea was to make the project as big as possible, taking artwork from ourselves, other illustrators/artists that we know and people that we would meet there to let loose on Berlin a kind of “creative zoo” which would be documented and hopefully made into a self published book.

Over the summer we have began work on this project, have made our travel plans, and have asked others for their submissions and next Monday, we are going to Berlin!!

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